Service to connect, underpin and expand your business

Using our unparalleled experience in FMCG logistics and supply, we can save you vital time and money. Rather than casting your own net around for new and improved business alliances, you can use our expertise to find your ideal business connections.

Our ability to create connections on your behalf could encompass a wide spectrum of FMCG and food ingredients needs and exciting new business opportunities.

It will always involve collaborative relationships that result in something greater than the sum of their parts. Based on a level of business understanding and synergy that creates long-term working relationships.

We can do this, as we have gained unrivalled B2B insights into food manufacturing and international retailing. Insights that we can translate quickly and effectively into business improvements for your company. All our suppliers are BRC and or FSSC2000, enabling us to ensure a robust and secure supply chain.

To be clear – Tenacity Business Solutions is not about an instant fix for your business challenges or a flash-in-the-pan idea for growth. Since we started, we have grown our portfolio of food ingredients to a current basket in excess of 100 and our consultancy client base ranging from sSME dairies, bakeries to larger Neutracutical manufactures and even the world’s largest children’s TV Brands and Channels.

It’s about working with you to take a STEP BACK and find the best working relationships and processes to drive long-term, positive change at your company.

“Business happens over years and years. Value is measured in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal.” Mark Cuban.