How does this FMCG management consultancy work?

In all client support, Tenacity Business Solutions makes strong business development potential a core goal.

This is achieved by the following steps to FMCG growth:

GAP Analysis

The starting point of our proven advisory service for FMCG companies is GAP Analysis – evaluating where you are now, against your business objectives. This assessment creates viable business intelligence on your needs, aims, pain points, gaps and overlaps for example.

Improvement Planning and Implementation

From that knowledgeable basis, we can plan and implement viable and beneficial changes. Including enriching your business contacts with new partners who can address some of your most pressing commercial objectives.

All this evaluation and consultancy will focus on creating efficiencies – ways to do things more cheaply, quicker and with greater profit margins. As well as uncovering ways to reduce waste and make your supply chain and customer services more sustainable.

Measurable progress, from accountable consultants

The emphasis is on making a measurable difference in your partnerships, processes and profitability.

So, effective monitoring is integral to our FMCG management consultancy service. Tenacity Business Solutions creates KPIs for clients and then measures these at 3-week intervals.

This ensures our working relationship with you is constantly adapting to your updated commercial needs, and our support is wholly transparent and accountable.